Tokyo — LA-based Eleven Arts is producing “Man From Reno,” a psychological thriller co-scripted and helmed by Dave Boyle  and produced by Eleven Arts prexy Ko Mori.

Ayako Fujitani (“Tokyo!”) stars as a Japanese mystery writer who takes a trip to San Francisco to escape the press tour for her latest book. There she starts an affair with a Japanese man (Kazuki Kitamura) just arrived from Reno. After he suddenly disappears, leaving a suitcase and unanswered questions, she crosses paths with a small-town sheriff (Pepe Serna) looking for a missing person resembling her lover.

Pic is skedded to wrap at the end of April in California.

Fujitani and Kitamura are name thesps in Japan who have recently branched out internationally. Fujitani appeared in helmer Michel Gondry’s segment in the omnibus “Tokyo! (2008). Kitamura played in the new Mo Brothers thriller “Killers” and Boyle’s previous feature, “Surrogate Valentine” (2011).