LONDON — RealD is upping its premium content game with the introduction of a new premium large format initiative dubbed “LUXE: A RealD Experience.”

On Monday at CineEurope in Barcelona, the company unveiled to exhibs what it describes as the “ultimate out-of-home entertainment experience” — new screens in a premium large format available in 3D and 2D that are said to rival the capability of Imax screens.

“Disparate premium large format brands have limited the potential of today’s high-end cinema offerings,” said Joseph Peixoto, RealD president of worldwide cinema. “With an alphabet soup of brands and differing amenities in each auditorium, moviegoers have been left unable to truly equate their PLF experience with a single offering.

“’LUXE: A RealD Experience’ intends to solve this puzzle by unifying the exhibition community under one brand with one set of industry leading technology standards for an exceptional entertainment experience moviegoers will seek out for years to come.”

Auditoriums equipped with the new experience will meet minimum technology specifications to assure a premium cinema experience such as usage of RealD 3D’s projection technology, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling screens of at least 16 meters (52.5 feet) in width, 3D sound and auditorium rakes to optimize the customer’s views.

RealD has already inked deals with two of its European exhibition partners — Karo Film in Russia and Arena Cinema in Bulgaria — to install the new large format screens, with the latter intending to use the format in seven of its largest auditoriums with the intention to rollout to a further six screens in the next year.

RealD is in discussions with other exhibs in the U.S. and Europe, and expects to announce more deals shortly.

And the company has already demonstrated the format to Hollywood studios.

Paramount Pictures Intl. prexy Anthony Marcoly said: “With premium large format box office figures growing double digits year on year, it’s clear that a greater number of moviegoers are demanding a premium experience. RealD’s new initiative, ‘LUXE: A RealD Experience,’ delivers the ever-increasing quality expected in the evolving PLF market for premium viewing of 2D and 3D content alike.”

RealD’s 3D cinema technology is installed in approximately 22,700 screens from around 1,000 exhibs in 68 countries.