Carlos Saura Bound for ‘Argentina’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Documentary an MK2 acquisition at Cannes

Carlos Saura Argentina
Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/WireImage

Spanish director Carlos Saura, the major figure of the Nuevo Cine Espanol, is set to direct “Argentina,” a documentary about tango.

Nathanael Karmitz’s MK2, which is scoring heavily this week at the Cannes Festival with “A Touch of Sin,” has acquired international sales rights.

Shooting from this fall, “Argentina” continues Saura’s lyrical exploration of the essence, talent and patrimony of popular dance and song in both fiction and documentary, which has yielded films such as 1979’s “Blood Wedding,” “Carmen” in 1983, 2007’s “Fados” and “Flamenco, Flamenco,” released in 2010.

“In line with Carlos Saura’s dance films, ‘Argentina’ will attempt an at once lyrical and analytical vision of tango, enrolling Saura’s sense of movement and aesthetics,” said Antonio Saura, who will produce out of his Madrid-based Zebra Producciones.

Saura will be teaming on production with Marcelo Schapces and Alejandro Israel at Buenos Aires’ Barakacine and Paris-based Mondex’s Guy Amon and Stephane Sorlat, who has dedicated much of his life to produce films out of Spain.

Unlike 1998 “Tango,” starring Mia Maestro (“Alias,” “Frida”), “Argentina” will not have fictional elements, Antonio Saura said.

For Antonio Saura, like other Carlos Saura music films, “Argentina” will mix new talent and veterans, who sometimes perform each other’s works, he added.
He added that “Argentina” pays tribute to a country that has had a large influence on Spain.

Saura’s “Tango,” which marked Maestro’s screen debut, received both Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for best foreign film.