The British are coming … to Rio. An eclectic group of 12 U.K. industry players have joined a delegation assembled by the British Film Institute, which hopes to nurture new opportunities for British companies in Brazil.

The BFI has identified Brazil as of strategic importance to the U.K. film industry, and opportunities for partnerships between British and Brazilian producers was enhanced by the inking of a co-production pact between the two countries in 2012. U.K. filmmakers shooting in Brazil this year include Stephen Daldry, who is helminq “Trash,” which is being produced by Kris Thykier.

“Brazil’s economy is growing and the production and distribution sector with it, so we see opportunities here for film as well as TV, and potentially the broader audiovisual sector,” BFI’s head of international Isabel Davis told Variety. “Alongside the growing marketplace, there are cultural and creative opportunities stemming from the Olympic handover, forthcoming World Cup, and there are a significant number of projects in the works that will lend themselves to co-production.”

Led by Davis, the Rio group includes six producers: Mike Downey (“Children of the Revolution”), Damian Jones (“Belle”), Anne Beresford (“Peter Grimes on Aldeburgh Beach”), Chris Simon (“Still Life”), Dominic Buchanan (“Gimme the Loot”) and Christopher Granier-Deferre (“Gone Too Far”).

The BFI dozen also includes sales agents Mike Runagall, Maite Villarino and Jennifer Fattell, distributors Teun Hilte and Edward Fletcher, and Reno Antoniades, who is a lawyer specializing in film and TV production.

“The members of the delegation collectively represent the full range of commercially and creatively successful U.K. films being made today,” Davis said.

“We set out to take a range of interests from across the industry, including sales, theatrical and digital distribution, acquisitions and production.

“All are, of course, looking to learn more about the Brazilian film industry, and to start to build relationships, particularly in anticipation of the U.K. Brazil treaty coming into force.

“The Rio Film Festival has been a great friend to U.K. film over the years, and provides an excellent industry program and framework to make contacts and learn more about the local industry.”

John Hopewell contributed to this article.