Argentina’s De la Vega Re-launches Supernatural Horror Pic ‘White Coffin’

FuriaFilms’ project, penned by Ramiro and Adrian Garcia Bogliano, looks for financing backing for Government subsidies

Argentina's De la Vega Re-launches Supernatural

Argentine director-producer Daniel de la Vega, helmer of Faye Dunaway thriller “Jennifer’s Shadow,” is re-launching supernatural horror movie “White Coffin.”

“Coffin” writers are Latin American film genre pioneers, brother Ramiro and Adrian Garcia Bogliano, the latter a multiple-prize winner at Austin’s Fantastic Fest with “Here Comes the Devil.”

“White Coffin” “hypothesizes around the possibility of a mother committing matricide, something that could be scarier than her own death,” De la Vega said at Ventana Sur, where he was taking meetings on “White Coffin” which is backed by Argentina’s goverment subsidies.

Set up at De la Vega’s Buenos Aires-based shingle FuriaFilms, “Coffin” is scheduled for an early 2015 shoot.

“’Coffin’ marks a 2007 project we begun to put together commissioned by Patagonik. After all this time, we managed to bring it nearer to fruition thanks to Argentine state film subsidies,” De la Vega said.

“There are highly-talented genre filmmakers and now the Argentine government is backing genre films. This is the big difference compared to the past,” he argued.

“Coffin” returns to the market as the international demand for Latin American genre films grows.

“Arthouse films represent the non-mainstream in the U.S., in Argentina genre movies had that role, because arthouse movies occupied the mainstream. But this is changing because of [Argentine] INCAA Film Institute backing for genre,” De la Vega said, adding he is open to dialog with potential investors, including on the film’s language.

One of “Coffin” influences, he said, is Spanish helmer Jaume Balaguero’s debutant pic “The Nameless.”

“White Coffin” is “a genre auteur film” which tips its hat to horror film classics from Hammer Productions, Roger Corman movies and “House of Wax.”