Bac Films has inked a flurry of deals on Gael Garcia Bernal starrer “El Ardor,” an Argentina-set contempo Western helmed and penned by Pablo Fendrick (“Blood Appears”).

Handling international sales, excluding North America and Latin America, Paris-based Bac Films has sold “El Ardor” to Tiberius (Germany), Greece (StraDa) and Turkey (Mars) based on the script, cast and helmer.

Deals were closed in the run-up to the AFM, where the shingle is unveiling a four-minute promo.

The ambitious English-language revenge tale stars Garcia Bernal and Alice Braga.

Lensed in the lush Amazon, the sprawling, action-packed film turns on a lone shaman who pledges revenge when he sees a tobacco farmer killed while his daughter is forced to watch.

“El Ardor” also delves into the struggles between man and nature, touching on environmental issues.

Pic is financed through Participant PanAmerica, with Argentina’s Magma Cine, Brazil’s Bananeira Filmes and France’s Manny Films co-producing.

“ ‘El Ardor’ is half-way between an auteur film and a genre movie: It has a singularity and style of an auteur film while boasting the action-adventure element of a genre movie,” said Bac Films’ international sales boss Gilles Sousa. He added that “El Ardor” will be promoted for a 2014 Oscar campaign.

Juan Pablo Gugliotta, Nathalia Videla Pena and Garcia Bernal are producing.