Venice Film Festival: Sam Fuller Doc ‘Life’ is One Worth Living

Pic features never-before-seen film shot by legendary director

a fuller life venice

The documentary “A Fuller Life,” which screens here Sunday and Tuesday, includes never-seen footage that ranges from World War II-ravaged families to scenes from a long-ago Venice Film Festival. In other words, the 80-minute film, about director Sam Fuller, offers insights into the histories of the film industry and of the entire world.

The pic is directed by his daughter Samantha Fuller, with every word coming from his autobiography “A Third Face.” The excerpts are read by James Franco, William Friedkin (both in Venice this year), Wim Wenders, Jennifer Beals, Mark Hamill and others.

Samantha Fuller began the project two years ago, targeting what would have been his 100th birthday (he died in 1997).

She divided the pic into three sections: His years as a journalist; World War II; and his filmmaking, both in Hollywood and later in Europe.

The WWII segment, for example, includes vivid 16mm footage shot by Fuller during his service in the U.S. infantry, which she says had “a big impact” on the feature films he later made.

To underline the connection between his life and the features he made, Samantha Fuller intersperses the found footage with clips from his films (e.g., “The Big Red One,” “Pickup on South Street,” “Shock Corridor”).

Josh and Dan Braun, via their Submarine Entertainment, are handling the film, which was partly backed via crowd-funded.

“The film helped me discover my father through his life,” said Fuller,