Perfect Storm has been building quietly, but look for it to break loudly in the weeks and months to come.

Justin Lin’s production company, formed in January 2012 as a joint venture with Bruno Wu’s Seven Stars Film Studio, has opened offices in Los Angeles, New York, Beijing and Shanghai.

It initially focused on film and TV, but has acquired a range of intellectual property for various media. Its prexy, Troy Craig Poon, says, “We’re evolving into a larger entertainment and media company.”

The first fruits of that evolution were streaming VOD channels in Asia. Then, last week, Danielle Woodrow was tapped to lead Perfect Storm’s Television division, which already has a first-look deal with Sony TV. In the coming weeks it will announce its development slate — those announcements savvily timed to coincide with the buzz for Fast 6, Lin’s swan song with the series.

“Most people nowadays know Justin as the guy who directed several of the “Fast & Furious” installments,” Poon says. “But people forget he’s a three-time Sundancer. His roots are indie. He’s got an appetite for such a diverse range of stories.

“A big part of our DNA is trying to subvert genres or stereotypes and try to flip them on their head a little bit,” says Poon. “That’s what excites us, being realistic about the society we live in.”

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