Sweden’s box office gross hit 1.82 billion SEK ($281 million) from 18.4 million admissions in 2012, up 12% on 2011, the best result since 1988.

The market share for local films was 22%, compared with 20% last year. The share for European films increased from 15% to 18%, whereas the share for U.S. films dropped 5% to 60%.

“Skyfall” topped the 2012 chart with $17.6 million. In second place was “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” which made $17.3 million in three weeks and is still in theaters.

“The Dark Knight Rises” with $13 million claimed third.

Kathrine Windfeld’s thriller “Hamilton — In the Interest of the Nation,” starring Mikael Persbrandt, was the only local pic among the top 10 films, coming in sixth.

France’s “The Intouchables” was the only other non-American pic to make it into the top 10, attracting more than 406,000 visitors.