Box Office: ‘Gravity’ Drawing In $40 Million-Plus, But ‘Captain Phillips’ Not Adrift

'Phillips' looking at $25 million; 'Machete' far from making a killing

Gravity Movie

Sony’s Tom Hanks-starrer “Captain Phillips” can’t pull Warner Bros.’ “Gravity” off its trajectory in its soph sesh as it aims to earn about $43 million this weekend.

That represents a mere 22% week-over-week drop for the space drama, and as with last week, insiders have been adjusting estimates to a higher total with each passing day. The film has earned $91.9 million domestically to date.

“Gravity’s” success isn’t making “Captain Phillips” a failure, however. Sony’s ripped-from-the-headlines drama will land in second with about $25 million after an $8.5 million bow Friday.

“Phillips” also has the opportunity to overperform with its strong critical acclaim and A CinemaScore, though it and “Gravity” are vying for the same adult filmgoers and “Gravity” has the advantage of a week of buzz and press from its bow to sway those who passed on weekend one.

The film that is actually suffering this weekend appears to be Open Road’s “Machete Kills.” Despite an ensemble of high profile stars including Lady Gaga and Demian Bichir, the follow-up to 2010’s campy “Machete” only earned $1.4 million Friday and looks like it’s headed to $3.5 million, way down from pre-weekend numbers that had it closer to $10 million.

Open Road execs aren’t likely breaking a sweat, however. The violent action comedy was acquired for just $2 million and, if it performs like its predecessor, it will see healthy returns in downstream revenue.