Box Office: ‘Bad Grandpa’ Takes $32 Million While ‘Counselor’ Needs Help

'Gravity' off only 32%; very near $200 million domestic cume

Bad Grandpa

While Paramount’s “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” has bumped three-time champ “Gravity” from the top spot at the box office with a $32 million domestic opening, it appears to have taken out Fox’s “The Counselor” with it, pushing the fellow opener to a dismal $8 million bow.

Off only 32% from last weekend, “Gravity” wasn’t pushed far off course for second. The space drama will earn about $20.3 million this frame, bringing its domestic cume a hair’s breadth from $200 million — so close, in fact, it may have crossed that milestone when the weekend’s actuals are released on Monday.

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“Gravity” remained first at the int’l box office with $36.6 million and a global cume of $364.2 million.

Before Friday, “The Counselor” was looking to earn between $10 million and $12 million, itself a pretty ho-hum start for the $25 million Ridley Scott passion project.

It’s hard to say what role negative reviews played in the film’s bow, but a 22% among top critics on Rotten Tomatoes may have dissuaded adult moviegoers who might otherwise be interested in a thriller with name brand talent including Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz.

Many of those names trade particularly well internationally, where Fox distribution exec Chris Aronson expects “Counselor” will do best. The thriller rolls out overseas throughout November, but it did open day-and-date in four markets where it earned $646,000, 82% of which came from Brazil.

Sony’s “Captain Phillips” came in third Stateside with $11.8 million, down just 28% in its third frame.

With $32 million, “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” is grossing more than twice its reported $15 million budget, a strong start for Paramount despite falling far short of “Jackass 3D,” which opened to $50.4 million around this time in 2010.

But “Jackass 3D” makes a bad comparison for “Bad Grandpa,” according to Par’s marketing and distribution topper Megan Colligan, because they are fundamentally different movies and the numbers prove it.

About 63% of “Bad Grandpa’s” audience consisted of moviegovers older than 25, with 37% younger. This is almost the exact opposite of the demo breakdown for “Jackass 3D” just three years ago.

One explanation for why the spinoff skewed older is simply the title. Putting both “Jackass” and “Grandpa” in the film’s name was an appeal to fans of the franchise, drawn in by its familiarity, and newcomers lured by the promise of a hidden camera laffer couched in a familial road movie.

Colligan says she doesn’t feel, however, that Par is appropriating the Jackass brand to sell an unrelated offering.

“From a branding perspective, it tells you there are going to be pranks, they are going to be outrageous and they are going to be with unsuspecting people,” Colligan said.

“We never really looked at this as ‘Jackass 4’ … This isn’t the merry crew we’ve come to know and love,” she added, saying that the more story-driven premise and necessary prosthetics were difficult for the studio. “To have a movie starring Johnny Knoxville who never looks like Johnny Knoxville is a bit of a marketing challenge.”

Abroad, “Bad Grandpa” is the franchise’s best with $8.1 million from 16 territories, on par with “Jackass 3D” but more than 20% greater in the number of admissions.

On four screens, “Blue is the Warmest Color” earned about $101,000 for a per screen average of $25,279.


Film (Weeks in release): 3-day gross*; Locations; Per-theater average; Cume*; Percentage change

  1. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (1): $32.0; 3,336; $9,592; $32.0; —
  2. Gravity (4): $20.3; 3,707; $5,476; $199.8; -32%
  3. Captain Phillips (3): $11.8; 3,143; $3,754; $70.1; -28%
  4. The Counselor (1): $8.0; 3,044; 2,628; $8.0; —
  5. Cloudy With … Meatballs 2 (5): $6.1; 3,111; $1,961; $100.6; -37%
  6. Carrie (2): $5.9; 3,157; $1,869; $26.0; -63%
  7. Escape Plan (2): $4.4; 2,883; $1,505; $17.4; -56%
  8. 12 Years a Slave (2): $2.2; 123; $17,480; $3.4; +133%
  9. Enough Said (6): $1.6; 835; $1,862; $13.0; -11%
  10. Prisoners (6): $1.1; $1,347; $789; $59.1; -49%


Film (Weeks in release): 3-day gross*; Territories; Screens; Int’l cume*; Global cume*; Percentage change

  1. Gravity (4): $36.6; 53; 7,100; $164.4; $364.2; +9%
  2. Cloudy With … Meatballs 2 (4): $17.9; 42; 5,935; $49.2; 149.8; +243%
  3. Turbo (15): $14.2; 23; 5,300; $164.9; $247.6; -12%
  4. Captain Phillips (2): $12.1; 32; 3,170; $26.7; $96.8; +33%
  5. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (1): $8.1; 16; 1,014; $8.1; $40.1; —

*in millions of $