Nicely timed for Tuesday’s Kathryn Bigelow piece defending “Zero Dark Thirty,” today’s Variety Eye on the Oscars: Best Picture Preview section features a piece by yours truly discussing the level of truthfulness in all of this year’s nominees.

Every filmgoer has had the experience of being aggravated by something that doesn’t ring true.

an experience that forces the audience to forgive a film’s lost
verisimilitude in order to enjoy it — a leap, naturally, that not
everyone is willing to make. Typically, the films that resonate with
audiences while most expertly navigating these waters — that are
simultaneously true to their world and to our world — become the
leading candidates to win the Academy Award for best picture.

ironic, then, that the best picture nominees of 2012, a year that has
been celebrated as one of the better years in cinema of recent vintage,
have simultaneously drawn such praise and doubt of their accuracy, their
believability and ultimately, their value. It’s a debate that factors
into the competish for Oscar’s grand prize. …

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