The lowest-grossing Oscar best picture nominee to date in decades in the U.S., with less than $700,000 so far, “Amour” is still taking its time in gaining exposure in Stateside theaters — though its $17,000 per-screen haul was the second-highest per-screen average of any film in the most recent box office tally (behind “Quartet,” which earned $60,000 on two screens).

This weekend, you can see “Amour” in 11 U.S. cities: New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Washington D.C., Chicago,
Boston, Minneapolis, Dallas and Houston, as well as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver in Canada. Here’s an ongoing list.

“Amour” is expected to go wide in the U.S., according to Sony Pictures Classics, on Feb. 15. It has earned $13.1 million worldwide, a third of that in France but only $733,000 from the relatively small country it represents at the Oscars, Austria, despite screening steadily there since September. The population of metropolitan Los Angeles compares favorably to that of Austria.