It’s the Academy Awards’ equivalent of “paper or plastic.”

All Oscar voters will have the option to vote with a paper ballot during the final round of awards balloting that begins Feb. 8.

Members who previously registered to vote online can still request a paper ballot if they contact the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences membership department by Friday, Feb. 1.

Conversely, those who voted by paper in the nominations stage can switch to electronic voting for the winners, also if they register by Friday, Feb. 1. Several voting resources will once again be available to members, including assisted voting stations in Los Angeles, New York and London, along with a 24-hour call center.

“One of our basic goals at the Academy is to increase member engagement,” AMPAS COO Ric Robertson said. “Despite some challenges, more members voted for this year’s nominations than they have in the past several years. We are looking forward to a continuation of that trend in the final voting.”

Final voting for the Oscars will wrap at 5 p.m. Pacific on Feb. 19. The kudofest will take place Feb. 24.