— Kate Aurthur of BuzzFeed writes a wonderful, personal remembrance of attending the 1980 Academy Awards, for which her late father, Bob, had been nominated for co-writing and producing “All That Jazz.”

— That offscreen voice you hear at the Oscars will belong to Cedering
, who will be this year’s live announcer.  “A
big dream of mine came true when I was selected to be the voice of the 2008
Democratic National Convention at Pepsi Center in Denver,” Fox said. “After that, there was
only one more job I really coveted – the Oscars. I had an
out of body experience when my agent called to tell me that I had the job. Live
announcing is really fun, and this has to be the coolest job on the

— An analytical preview of the advertising you’ll see on Sunday’s long Oscar night comes from Marc Graser of Variety.

 — Ken Burns might not be headed to this year’s Oscars, but as Ted Johnson writes for Variety, his “Central Park Five” has still made a significant impact via its journey through the courts. 

At the New Yorker, former Wired editor Nicholas Thompson recalls the journey of Joshuah Bearman’s “Argo”-inspiring story to the magazine.