Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 6.58.51 AMAMPAS put forth some soundbites of Academy prexy Hawk Koch pumping up the pending Oscarcast. Promising the show would be funny and irreverent while remaining classy, here’s what he had to say about the show, the producers and host Seth MacFarlane … 

“Seth will be a great Oscar host because he’s funny, he’s smart, he can sing, he can dance, he’s a comic, he’s generous, he’s warm and he loves movies. And he’s a student of the Oscars. When we first sat down to talk about him possibly hosting, he was talking about he knows everything that Hope did, everything that Carson did, everything that Crystal did. So he’s hopefully taking the best of all that to come to the show with irreverence – he won’t go over the line, we’ll still have the class of the Oscars – but I think you’re gonna have a lot more fun this year than you’ve had in a long time. 

“The truth is, I’d been driving myself crazy trying to figure out who would be great producers, and in the middle of the night one night I just woke up and went of course, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. They are great movie producers, they’ve made great television and they’ve done a lot of great stuff on Broadway, so they are a triple threat. And the Oscars have to play in the house which is a tough house, because it is all nominees that are nervous and studio heads that are nervous, everyone else that’s nervous and there is 1.2 billion people out there who are watching it on a smaller screen. They understand how you have to please the audience in the house and the audience on television, and they’re great at it. And so far they’ve been fantastic and they’ve been great collaborators. 

“Well this year, and I’m thankful to the Oscar gods, we have a great crop of films, and I think that’s why nine of them were nominated. We have a great crop of everything. I was on the phone with a very famous director while driving in here today. We were talking about, ‘Do you have any idea who’s going to win these awards?’ He said, ‘I don’t –  I’m just going to vote. I’m going to look at every single film and decide.’ I mean, from visual effects to makeup to sound, and obviously the actors, actresses and picture and writing and directing, there’s so many good ones, and I think that’s exciting. I don’t think we at the Academy are going to know until those envelopes are opened on February 24. 

“Having been backstage and in front of the Oscars for many, many years, this is the first time I get to be one of the people in charge. And I think that those 15-20 seconds before it starts, I’m getting choked up right now just thinking about ’10 seconds everybody, nine, eight, seven.” And when that music starts and Seth comes out and it happens … I’m getting choked up.”

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