While a win for SAG ensemble doesn’t always line up with an Oscar win for best picture, it can be seen as a good bellwether. Last year, “Argo” took both awards, but in years past, such ensemble winners as “The Help,” “Inglourious Basterds” and “Little Miss Sunshine” failed to clinch the best picture award at the Oscars. Still, the SAG nod is a sought-after prize.

This year, there are two films that could figure prominently into the Oscar race yet likely won’t be considered for an ensemble kudo. One is “All Is Lost,” in which Robert Redford delivers a stellar performance as a man lost at sea that has many considering him the front-runner for the lead actor Oscar. Technically, he’s an ensemble of one. But if that one actor is as good as Redford, could a case be made to include him in the ensemble category as well?

Probably not. But a forceful argument could be made for “Gravity,” a strong best picture hopeful, even though there are only two cast members seen onscreen in the movie. While there are voice actors contributing vital roles (including Oscar nominee Ed Harris), the movie belongs to Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Still, their performances are excellent — so shouldn’t they be considered for the prize?