TigerDespite its 11 Oscar nominations, second only to “Lincoln,” the Ang Lee-directed “Life of Pi” has been a relative afterthought in an Oscar discussion more enraptured by the Steven Spielberg epic, Ben Affleck’s “Argo,” David O. Russell’s “Silver Linings Playbook” and Tom Hooper’s “Les Miserables,” among others.

One theory for this is that because “Life of Pi” lacks onscreen star power — though no slight should be taken at BAFTA Rising Star nominee Suraj Sharma or the always superb Irrfan Khan — it simply doesn’t capture the media’s attention the way the other films do.

But there’s a danger in overlooking “Pi,” which could follow in the 4-year-old footsteps of “Slumdog Millionaire” and win the best picture honor. In addition to its strongly Indian cast, “Slumdog” was the last film to win best picture at the Oscars without an acting nomination (though it did win the Screen Actors Guild Awards ensemble prize).

To underscore this point, the “Pi” public relations team has collected tweets and quotes about “Pi” from actors raving about the film. It’s anecdotal — every film could come up with a similar list — but it serves as a reminder that in such an uncertain year at the Oscars, “Pi” remains a player.


By the way, Life of Pi is amazing.
Such a beautiful film.


Anne Hathaway (via WSJ

I’m so grateful to him for “Life
of Pi.” It’s easily one of my favorite films of all time. He’s astonishing.


Mark Wahlberg (mentioned via a satellite interview)

Mentioned that the film was one of
his favorite films of the year.


Jason Alexander

I was blown away by Life of Pi
tonite. Gorgeous, moving film. Ang Lee paints on film and he is a master. Cast
was sublime. This is a winner!

Can’t get over Life of Pi. Maybe
most beautiful film I’ve seen in a decade. I’m going again. Take someone you
love and go.



I saw ‘The Life of Pi’ last night.
It’s absolutely wonderful. I want to see it again and again.


Susan Sarandon

I loved #Life of Pi. Magical.
Lyrical technology jason alexander ?


Mia Farrow @MiaFarrow

Saw Life of Pi – it’s stunning!
Also, as someone who wrestles with faith and doubt, it was so meaningful to me


HiddlestonVerified @twhiddleston

LIFE OF PI is absolutely
beautiful. By turns wild, colourful, fun, poetic, inspiring, expansive,
mysterious and deep. Like the sea.


Ellen Page @EllenPage

Life of cry, I mean Pi just
destroyed me. Amazing.


Rob Lowe @RobLowe

Supporting actor of 2012: Richard Parker, Life Of Pi.


LeVar Burton @levarburton

Oh… I forgot to tell you, Life of
Pi is a visual feast!!! #2thumbsup



Just watched “Life of Pi“.
Bravo to Ang Lee and company. A beautiful and inspired piece of filmmaking.


Kevin Smith @ThatKevinSmith

shit… I loved LIFE OF PI so much! Ang Lee is a cinematic Jedi! If you haven’t
seen PI yet, get eyes on it. It’s simply beautiful.


Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Life of Pi. Omg go see it. Run.
Now. Amazing


Ricky Martin @ricky_martin

A movie that you will never forget
“Life of Pi” Outstanding! I see many Oscars #MagicalRealism


Clifton Collins Jr. @ccollinsjr

to not get Indian food after watching Life of Pi such an amazing film, leaves
one thinking, food aside


Harry Shum Jr @iharryshum

Life of Pi was amazing! Worthwhile
3D movie. Which story do you prefer?


Betty Buckley @BettyBuckley

Last weekend I saw “Life of
Pi” in 3D. Absolutely loved it! Now I have to read the book. #LifeofPi
Brooke Burke Just saw Life Of Pi. Amazing! Beautiful!!


Tony Parker @tp9network

Life of PI was a good movie….


Chris Mintz-Plasse

Life of Pi was such a beautiful
piece of film.


Janel Parrish @JMeilanixo

of Pi stole my heart.

Life of Pi was stunning.


Keke Palmer @KekePalmer