While we’re on the subject of NBC’s Thursday shows, tonight marks the return of “Community” in its first episode of the post-Dan Harmon era. And I encourage you to tune in.

Already, the “it’s not the same” reviews are coming in — for example, one from Alan Sepinwall, another from James Poniewozik. Jace Lacob isn’t so disillusioned, though he still mentions a missing spark.

For my part, the two episodes of “Community” NBC sent out on screener, including tonight’s season premiere, might not be the best you’ve ever seen, but they were still pretty satisfying. And I think new showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio deserve some time to get their feet wet. Under the circumstances, I hardly think you could have asked for much more of them.

Keep in mind, as much as we “Community” fans miss Harmon, it’s not as if every episode he did was gold — and certainly when the show was getting started, there were some rough spots as it found its way.

Here’s the essential question: Should fans of the first three seasons of “Community” to tune in tonight? If you want to boycott out of strict loyalty to Harmon — which I would understand — then no. Otherwise, yes. There are many good moments with the characters Harmon created, and I think there’s reason to be optimistic there will be more. I am definitely not ready to let them go.