There have been a handful of back-to-back wins at the Oscars, including Luise Rainer, Joseph Mankiewicz and Tom Hanks  —  and now Variety.

In last year’s best-pic winner “The Artist,” Variety helped set the plot in motion. In Sunday’s winner, “Argo,” Variety helps the protagonists in the film’s climax at the airport.

It’s a nice double vote of confidence for the bible of showbiz, which has been featured in many film and TV sagas since at least the 1930s. But the two consecutive Academy wins coincide with Oscar’s movies-about-movies milestone.

While many best-pic winners in the past dealt with vaudeville, TV, music and even the circus, no film before “The Artist” had won for its look into filmmaking, despite many nominated pics on the subject (“Sunset Blvd.,” “The Aviator,” etc.)

Now, indirectly to a degree, add “Argo” to that list.