There’s some new and—as far as this property gossip is concerned—unsubstantiated scuttlebutt starting to make its down the celebrity real estate gossip grapevine (via Hollyscoop) that teen aged pop music phenom Justin Bieber just might be on the move.

Mister Bieber bought his current crib, a 9,200+ square for Spanish mansion in the double-gated Oaks development in suburban Calabasas, CA, in Aprl 2012 for $6.5 million. The six bedroom and seven bathroom property had previously been owned by Nicole Murphy, Eddie’s ex-wife and the long-time fiancee of Michael Strahan.

It wasn’t long before Boy Wonder Bieber attracted the negative attention of his wealthy and in some cases famous neighbors who—understandably it seems to Your Mama—do not appreciate his frequent and boisterous parties or care much for him (and/or his friends) drag racing his rumbling fleet of Ferraris and Lambos through the otherwise quite streets. One altercation allegedly ended with Mister Bieber spitting in one of his neighbor’s face but, naturally, young Mister Bieber’s camp denies there was any spitting and prosecutors declined to press charges.

None-the-less all the skirmishing with neighbors may be getting to Mister Bieber and according to one unnamed source, his momma wants him to pack up his house in Calabasas and decamp to the Hollywood Hills where—so the source said Momma Beiber thinks—there are fewer families for her son to annoy.

It certainly wouldn’t surprise Your Mama if Mister Bieber opted to spend some of his tens of millions of dollars on a sexed-up bachelor boy pad somewhere in the Hollywood Hills or the Sunset Strip area but we can pretty much promise the Bieber camp that a vast majority of residents of the Hollywood Hills and the Sunset Strip, whether part of a family or swinging single, will not care to have an entourage-toting neighbor who plays a lot of loud music and/or sometimes guns his $400,000 Italian sports cars up and down the street. Seriously, we promise y’all they will hate it every bit as much as the families in Calabasas. Just ask Chris Brown. Anyways…

aerial photo: Pacific Coast News