Warner Bros. has launched an iPad tablet app for its subscription-streaming service for classic film and TV titles, a sign the premium-priced offering has been getting some traction among Hollywood history buffs.

The studio is mum on how many customers it has signed up since launching Warner Archive Instant in April, which at $9.99 per month is two dollars more than a Netflix subscription. A WB rep said that initial results “are positive and the service is on target with its goals.”

The studio also said the entire Warner Archive Instant streaming collection is now available with closed captioning.

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The new app for iPads — the most-requested new platform by customers — runs on iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini tablets with iOS 6 or 7. The app was published Wednesday in the iTunes App Store. Warner Bros. launched the service with support for Roku players, PCs and Macs.

Warner Archive Instant offers hundreds of titles from every Hollywood era, with some available in Blu-ray-quality 1080p HD format. In addition to movies and TV shows from the WB vault, it includes titles from MGM, RKO, New Line, Monogram, Allied Artists and Lorimar, among others. Sample titles include “The Loved One,” “Bells Are Ringing,” “The Long, Long Trailer,” “Ziegfeld Follies,” “Dangerous Money” and “The Falcon’s Brother.”

Warner Archive Instant is the online offshoot of the Warner Archive Collection, a DVD-on-demand service launched in 2009, which now offers nearly 2,000 titles.