Twitter has enhanced its ability to let advertisers reach users tweeting about TV, announcing a new tool that serves “promoted tweets” to anyone talking about a specific program.

This summer, the social company rolled out a TV ad-targeting product for U.S. advertisers. That let TV advertisers buy sponsored messages targeted at Twitter users who are assumed to have also seen their spots on TV (based on a proprietary algorithm).

With Twitter’s new “TV conversation targeting” feature, networks and brands can promote tweets to users who engage with specific shows — whether or not an advertiser is running a spot in the program. “Now advertisers can easily reach Twitter users exposed to integrations, sponsorships and other innovative TV tie-ins for an additional touch point or message expansion,” Twitter revenue product manager Oliver Young said in a blog post announcing the tool.

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Advertisers have previously been able to buy sponsored tweets based on keywords, and could aim at TV tweeters independently from the networks using, say, text strings like “Monday Night Football” or “Walking Dead.” The new Twitter TV conversation-targeting feature just makes it easier and, theoretically, more accurate.

Twitter has been eager to expand revenue from the TV industry, as it moves into life as a publicly traded company. The site’s other big TV-related initiative is Amplify, which lets media firms and advertisers deliver ad-supported video clips to Twitter users.

Initially, the capability is available in the U.S. and the U.K. Over the next few weeks, Twitter expects to expand the beta program to Brazil, Canada, France and Spain. According to Twitter, in the last few months advertisers including Dominos, BSkyB and Betfair have been testing the conversation-targeting ad feature.

Twitter said it teamed up with Nielsen’s Marketing Analytics group to run a marketing-mix model for 30 U.S. consumer-packaged goods brands using syndicated sales and media data through a smaller set of variables. On average, when TV advertising is paired with Twitter paid media, TV ads drive 8% to 16% more sales “directionally,” according to the study.

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Another Twitter-sponsored study, conducted with MarketShare Partners, examined a marketing-mix model for the U.K. telecommunications market that used sales data and media spend across both online and offline channels from all major British mobile network operators. The results: the cost per incremental acquisition from TV advertising is 36% lower when “promoted tweets” run in conjunction with TV ads than TV ads alone.