Time Warner Cable in Talks for Hulu Stake

MSO could come aboard as fourth owner of streaming service


Add another company to the list of potential acquirers of Hulu: Time Warner Cable.

The Wall Street Journal reported late Wednesday that the New York-based cable operator is considering taking a stake in the streaming service, for which owners News Corp. and Disney are accepting bids. TW Cable would be a fourth owner, alongside NBC Universal, which has a non-controlling interest in the venture per condition of its acquisition by Comcast.

TW Cable joins a list of firms that could be interested in all or part of Hulu including Amazon, Yahoo, Chernin Group and Guggenheim Partners. The MSO may be interested in turning Hulu into an authenticated portal for content available only to its subscribers.

Bloomberg also suggested that TW Cable may not be the only pay-TV company kicking the tires at Hulu but didn’t specify which one. Last time Hulu was on the auction block, distributors including DirecTV were among the companies interested in taking over the service.

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