Netflix Doesn’t Curb TiVo Fans’ Appetite for TV, But Likely Does for Everyone Else

DVR users with Netflix more likely to watch HBO, Showtime than non-Netflix subscribers, TiVo study shows

Netflix Doesn’t Curb TiVo Fans' Appetite TV, Likely Does Everyone Else

Among TiVo-loving TV superfans, Netflix is another steaming bowl of digital-video goodness that does not leave them less hungry for traditional television, according to the DVR company.

However, other studies have shown that across the general TV-viewing population Netflix does, in fact, cut into time spent in front of the tube.

A new study by TiVo found no significant difference in the amount of traditional TV viewing between self-reported Netflix and non-Netflix households with TiVo DVRs.

In fact, the 18% of TiVo users who said they watched Netflix’s “House of Cards” also watched 85% more HBO programming and spent 125% more time watching Showtime’s “Homeland” than those who don’t use Netflix.

But that simply suggests that people with a TiVo overindex on premium programming. As of April 30, TiVo had about 1 million direct subscribers, or less than 1% of the total U.S. television household universe.

By contrast, research by Nielsen last year found that Netflix subscribers on average watch 11% fewer minutes of television per day than nonsubscribers, as measured in the second quarter of 2012. Meanwhile, studies last year by Bernstein Research purported to find that TiVo households with Netflix streaming watched less programming on kid cablers Nickelodeon and Disney Channel — although Viacom in particular disputed that there was any correlation.

TiVo Research and Analytics, the company’s marketing and ad research division, analyzed 9,956 responses in May 2013 from TiVo DVR customers who have opted in to have their usage tracked. TRA looked at data collected from those households from November 2012 through April 2013 across 28 of the most-watched TV networks and compared it against the total sample of 1.5 million television households.