“The Walking Dead” may have been crowned the most-watched TV show in basic cable history when its latest season bowed in October, but last week it was taken down by a bunch of songbirds — at least on Twitter.

The Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings for the week of November 18 to 24 declared that Sunday’s “2013 American Music Awards” on ABC came out on top by bringing in 10,231,900 Unique Audience Twitter users with 7,603,000 Tweets, with NBC’s Tuesday episode “The Voice” emerging second with 3,848,800 unique users and 778,400 Tweets. “Dead,” which also aired Sunday, finished third with 3,208,800 unique users and 205,200 Tweets.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily reflective of how many viewers watched these programs. Variety’s Rick Kissell reports that NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” emerged victorious in that ratings battle, with the American Music Awards with 24 million viewers overall. The AMAs and “Walking Dead” brought in 12.9 million and 11.7 million viewers overall, respectively. For Tuesday, “The Voice” garnered 11.65 million viewers overall.

Nielsen defines Unique Audience as the number of distinct Twitter accounts accruing at least one impression of one Tweet ascribed to a TV episode. Unique Audience is de-duplicated at the account level, so that a Twitter account will be counted only once for a given reported episode regardless of how many impressions the account accrued for that episode. Tweets are ascribed to a linear TV episode.