XBox Live users found themselves shut out of the service en masse Tuesday.

Users learned that their Xbox Live problem wasn’t an isolated incident from the update on the Xbox service-status blog.

“For our members that are currently unable to sign in to their Xbox LIVE accounts, we’re right here with you!” The company wrote at 12:34 PDT. “We’ve got our team engaged and they are working hard to get everything back to normal as expediently as possible.”

Microsoft has since removed the message and changed the status to “up and running.”

The outage affected the Xbox 360 console, Windows 8 computers, the company’s Windows smartphone software and Xbox.com.

Not only does Xbox Live allow playing videogames online, but many users also watch videos on Netflix and Hulu, stream music and surf the Web via the console. The outage was also reportedly affecting the ability to post and view messages on Xbox’s online forums.

Users have long complained about issues with the online component of the console. Microsoft experienced a similar widespread Xbox Live outage in April, and technical problems caused Xbox fans to be apprehensive of the “always-online” upcoming Xbox One. The doubts caused Microsoft to backtrack and take away the always-online stipulation.