Marketers in Hollywood Have Another Reason to ‘Like’ Facebook

The social network will enable posts to be embedded in other websites giving studios more ways to market entertainment

Facebook already has become a powerful promotional tool for film studios and TV networks. But the social network is about to increase the value of their marketing messages around the launch of a new movie or series.

The company has begun offering companies the chance to make their posts — which can include video, photos and hashtags — embeddable on other websites with a simple code the way tweets, YouTube and Vine videos and Instagram posts can be integrated on dot coms.

The posts will include the option to “like” and share the Facebook posts and allow comments. Facebook used very British moments like the Royal baby and Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory as examples.

So far, only a select group of mostly news outlets are being given the chance to send their posts elsewhere, including CNN, Bleacher Report, Huffington Post, Mashable and People magazine.

But it’s only a matter of time before Facebook opens up its embedded posts option to others — perhaps even for a fee as it looks to increase the amount of online advertising it generates.

And that has major implications for Hollywood as it looks to get its trailers, posters and TV spots in front of more eyeballs to build buzz around its new film and TV shows. The same is true for the videogame industry as it readies to launch high-profile games this fall. As the entertainment industry’s biggest ad buyers look to the web to make their advertising dollars go further, Facebook is clearly going to benefit.

Facebook has about 1.1 billion monthly active users, compared with about 200 million for Twitter.

Facebook’s move is the latest digital offering entertainment marketers and distributors can put in their playbook after Starbucks said this week it will speed up its in-store Wi-Fi tenfold through a new deal with Google.

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