Machinima Streams Fan-Made Short Films Based on ‘Fallout,’ ‘Minecraft,’ Other Video Games

Fan made shorts continue Machinima's push into streaming original programming based on games

Machinima Streams Fan-Made Shorts Based on 'Minecraft,' Other Games

Machinima has launched a series of short films based on videogame franchises “Minecraft,” “Fallout,” “Half-Life” and “League of Legends.”

First short, “Fallout Nuka Break – Red Star” bowed today on the site, which has scored in the past as the exclusive platform for live action series based on “Halo” and “Mortal Kombat.”

The “Fallout Nuka Break” short is the latest installment of the fan-made series. Its 10 existing live action shorts have been viewed more than 6 million time, and series is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to back its second season. Effort has already raised over $130,000.

The new “Red Star” episode, produced by Wayside Creations and starring Vic Mignogna, Ed O’Ross and Toni Wynne, takes place  between the time period of the original fan film and season one of “Fallout Nuka Break.

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The new series will stream on Machinima Prime, the company’s YouTube channel, with each short premiering on Friday throughout the summer.

Upcoming are K&K Prods’ “League of Legends,” on July 26; and Steelhouse’s “Minecraft,” on Aug. 2.

Machinima attracts over 2 billion video views per month, and reaching over 210 million viewers, mostly males 18-34.

The series of fan-made videogame shorts are similar to what other YouTube networks have also streamed, including Maker Studios’ “A Fistful of Rupees,” a live action Western mashup with Nintendo’s “Legend of Zelda,” that streams on The Game Station and features Lisa Foiles and TJ Smith.

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