LG, RCA add M-Go streaming app

Starz Digital added as content partner

M-Go, a new streaming service for films and TV backed by DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor, is adding LG Electronics and RCA to the list of consumer electronics giants that will host its app on their devices.

In addition, M-Go has added another new content partner: Starz Digital, which has distribution rights to the AMC hit “The Walking Dead.” Ut joins Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Sony Pictures and NBCUniversal.

M-Go will enable users to purchase or rent titles in standard or high definition on an a la carte basis consistent with prices on competing platforms. The service will have the latest films day and date with DVD releases.

M-Go will be on their connected TVs, Blu-ray players, and in some cases, appear as buttons on remote controls. Vizio and Samsung are already on board.

While launching with over 5,000 titles, M-Go hopes to reach 20,000 by year-end.

M-Go will be available at launch on Chrome and Safari browsers for Mac or PC, in addition to apps on Google Play for Android tablets. The iPad and Firefox will be added later in January. Gaming consoles and smartphones will be added in the second quate of the year.

Execs are hopeful M-Go will find traction in the marketplace amid well-established competitors including Apple’s iTunes by putting emphasis on a highly personalized consumer experience. M-Go also intends to endear itself to its studio partners by offering more opportunities for flexibility and customization in how titles are priced and promoted than bigger retailers in the space that make content just a part of what they do.

“We’re not in service to a retail or hardware agenda, which allows us to be more nimble,” said CEO John Batter, former president of production at DWA.