Kickstarter Claims $400,000 Kick from ‘Veronica Mars,’ Zach Braff

Counters criticism that stars don't belong on crowdfunding site

Veronica Mars Crowd Sourceing

New film projects from Zach Braff and a Warner Bros.’s revival of the “Veronica Mars” franchise are having a spillover effect at Kickstarter, the company’s founders claimed in a blog post issued on the crowdfunding website Thursday.

Tens of thousands of new visitors flooded Kickstarter in recent months, 63% of whom never backed a project before. Kickstarter founders Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler attributed the influx to its two most famous projects, but said many of them are discovering other new projects to back, with more than $400,000 pledged to 2,200 projects–nearly 40% of which has gone to film.

The disclosure comes as Kickstarter, Braff and others have faced some degree of criticism that the site is better left to undiscovered talent than more established individuals who are better positioned to fund their own projects. But as the blog post makes clear, having stars on the site is allowing lesser known projects to get attention they might otherwise not get.

“We see more opportunity for creative freedom for everyone,” the company’s founders wrote. “We see more people participating in the creative process. We see more things getting made than ever before.”

“Veronica Mars” set off a Kickstarter frenzy in March by collecting north of $1 million in just four hours, a record for the site. Braff followed suit in April, hitting $2 million in four days.

In other “Veronica Mars” news, Enrico Colantoni will reprise his original role as Keith Mars in the movie, according to the film’s official Twitter account.