Jennifer Lawrence Most Tweeted Celeb During Oscars

8.9 million social media conversations mention Oscars during telecast, red carpet

Jennifer Lawrence most tweeted celebrity during
Jennifer Lawrence was the most tweeted celebrity during the Oscars.

Actress generated 681,000 mentions on Twitter, followed by 473,000 for Anne Hathaway and 232,000 for Seth MacFarlane, according to Networked Insights, which tracked social media activity during the Academy Awards, Sunday night. Kristen Stewart (221,000), Channing Tatum (209,000) and Ben Affleck (167,000) also generated a considerable number of tweets.

Overall, more than 8.9 million conversations mentioning the Oscars took place during the live telecast and red carpet.

Company used its SocialSense technology, also utilized by advertisers, marketers, and entertainment companies to extract consumer insights and real-time trends from social data.

Networked Insights saw the highest traffic spikes when Michelle Obama announced “Argo” as the year’s Best Picture, and when Mark Wahlberg revealed a tie in the Best Sound Editing category.

As for the first-time Oscar host, 20% approved of MacFarlane’s performance (13% did not), while 18% gave his singing and dancing skills a thumbs up. Around 17% liked his sock puppet sketch and 12% approved of his “Boobs” song.