Internet Explorer Steps Into Wikipedia Turf With ‘The Hunger Games’

Lionsgate and Microsoft's Internet Explorer pair up to launch 'The Hunger Games Explorer' database.

Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is edging its way into Wikipedia’s turf with “The Hunger Games.”

Lionsgate has paired up with the Internet browser to launch “The Hunger Games Explorer” as an online destination for fans of the book and film franchise.

Studio will use the site (thehungergamesexplorer.com) to spotlight updates of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” out in theaters Nov. 22.

Designed as a social aggregator, venture will feature official and fan-generated content — fan blogs, talent tweets, exclusive images and videos — curated from multiple social media platforms. A feature dubbed “sparking,” lets fans “like” objects while driving discussion around each bit of content. It’s a similar concept to Lucasfilm’s Wookieepedia, a database of all-things “Star Wars” launched through Wikia.

The new “Hunger Games” site is already the online home of the sequel’s teaser trailer that debuted during the MTV Movie Awards.

Microsoft is eyeing the site as a way to generate buzz for Internet Explorer 10, which is built into Windows 8 and uses the operating system’s technology that enables content to be swiped and pressed using a new line of touchscreen PCs and laptops.

Given the rabid fanbase of “The Hunger Games,” Microsoft’s decision to pair up with the franchise gets it in front of a sizable demo of influential young consumers it may have found hard to reach in more traditional ways.

“With ‘The Hunger Games Explorer,’ we wanted to change the game for how a movie can be extended on the web, providing an intensely immersive experience for fans,” said Roger Capriotti, director, Internet Explorer marketing. ” ‘The Hunger Games Explorer’ continues IE’s work to bring innovative experiences to the web, showcasing what’s possible with amazing content and a modern browser like IE that is fast, fluid and perfect for touch.”

The Microsoft deal is the latest innovative move Lionsgate has made to use the Internet as a promotional tool for “The Hunger Games,” to build buzz around the film series.

In addition to fully exploiting Twitter and Facebook, it took a literal page from high-end glossy magazines like “Ocean Drive” and “Du Jour,” and relaunched “Capitol Couture” as a fictional magazine that offered up the first stylized portraits of the characters in the sequel.

“We have the best fans in the world, and starting tonight they have a home on the web where they can be a part of ‘The Hunger Games’ experience and contribute to the excitement for ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,’” said Danielle De Palma, Lionsgate’s senior VP digital marketing. “ ‘The Hunger Games Explorer’ is not only a place for fans to spark the conversation around ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,’ but also a destination where we can continue to provide fans with new content, experiences and unprecedented behind-the-scenes access.”