Hulu Pledges to Double Originals, Acquisitions

Acting CEO Andy Forrssell unveils new content at TCA presser

Hulu Pledges Double Originals, Acquisitions
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With its ownership fate now settled, Hulu is starting to make the rest of its future clear.

The company indicated plans to double its supply of original series and exclusive content acquisitions in a blog post echoing an appearance Tuesday at the TV Critics Assn. press tour by acting CEO Andy Forssell.

“You can expect to see our number of first-run titles double in the next couple of years as we find more and more great shows to engage and excite viewers,” Forssell wrote. “We’re getting bigger and we’re getting better, and today we’re giving you just a sampling of some of the original and exclusive shows you’ll see from us this year, and can expect to see from us in the coming years.”

While stopping short of indicating whether there will be any changes in its business model, Forssell unveiled an upcoming slate filled with 10 titles coming out between now and year-end that are either original or acquisitions.

Last month, Hulu owners News Corp., Walt Disney Co. and NBC Universal indicated they reconsidered plans to sell their joint venture, instead pumping $750 million into continuing the operation.

Here’s a rundown of the upcoming slate:

The Awesomes” – Aug. 1

Quick Draw” – Aug. 5

“Fugget About It” – Oct. 13

“The Strange Calls” – Oct. 19

“Run” – Aug. 20

“Behind the Mask” – Oct. 29

The Wrong Mans – Nov. 11

Mother Up! – Nov. 6

“Misfits”, season 5 – Later this year

Moone Boy”, season 2 – Later this year