How Many Classic ’80s Movies Does Jon Marco Cram in to His Musicvideo?

Singer chases ex-girlfriend through 'E.T,' 'Star Wars' and more in quest for 'Rhianna'

One guy shows his love for his ex-girlfriend through ’80s films — quite literally. Jon Marco inserts himself to travel through dozens of the decade’s favorites like “Back to the Future,” “Ghostbusters,” “Star Wars” and “Risky Business” and more to chase his lover while singing the catchy lyrics to his reggae-meets-New Wave song “Rhianna.” The former drummer and singer for Boston’s Parker House and Theory cruises on a hoverboard, bikes with ET and races in runaway miner cars, all while donning the appropriate costumes to win “Rhianna” back.

Watch to see how many familiar images you recognize, and find whether he gets the girl– the classic ending to any ’80s pic.