Google is looking to give holiday shoppers more reasons to buy its cheap Chromecast adapter for streaming content to HDTVs, adding support for 10 more apps including Vevo.

Most of the new partners, to be sure, won’t prompt Chromecasts to fly off the shelves the same way as Netflix — the launch partner for the device. The additional partners are: Vevo, Songza, The Washington Post’s PostTV, Viki, Discovery Communications’ Revision 3, Red Bull.TV, BeyondPod, Plex, Avia and RealPlayer Cloud.

But the rapid addition of multiple content and app partners — Chromecast now has 14 in the mix — underscores the strength of the device’s design. Instead of having to develop a native app for the Chromecast, partners can enable their existing iOS and Android apps to stream content to TVs.

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The Chromecast’s “dumb” architecture, relying on smartphones or tablets to function as the remote control, means a wealth of other Internet video is sure to come to the device in short order. Google is readying a software development kit that will let anyone Chromecast-enable an app.

The additional Chromecast apps announced Tuesday join Netflix and YouTube, as well as HBO GoHulu Plus and Pandora. In addition, Chromecast can play content purchased on the Google Play store and streams the Google Play Music service.

When it launched in late July, the $35 Chromecast sold out in less than 24 hours. Google execs admitted they underestimated demand and have replenished inventory. The company has not disclosed how many Chromecast units it has sold.