Social-savvy thesp George Takei is hosting a new series about technology on YouTube, sponsored by the AARP.

The 76-year-old actor, best known as Sulu on the original “Star Trek” TV show, will cover topics ranging from Google Glass to the “sharing economy” with “Takei’s Take.” New eps, each about 4 minutes, will run every two weeks; AARP has ordered 12 eps total.

AARP is a not-for-profit org, but Takei said he is getting remunerated for his work on the YouTube series.

“I hope to reach not just the AARP demographic but younger generations,” Takei said. “Everybody eventually is going to reach that age.”

Takei has a solid following on social media sites, where he mostly shares funny pictures. He has 4.56 million Facebook fans and about 817,000 Twitter followers. Takei said he may make “light mention” of the AARP project on his social feeds.

“Older Americans are living the digital life and they’re hungry for video content,” said Myrna Blyth, editorial director for AARP. “George’s appeal spans generations and viewers are in for a treat as he puts his comedic touch on explaining the latest that the tech world has to offer.”

Digital media firms Fullscreen and Portal A are producing and writing the series. The series will primarily be shot at Google’s YouTube Space LA studio. Some YouTube personalities to be featured as guests include Lamar Wilson, David So and Michael Buckley.

Watch the first ep of “Takei’s Take,” which covers Google Glass: