Producers have already picked up many major titles, but some high-profile franchises with bigscreen potential are still up for grabs. Here are five.

Call of Duty
With “Black Ops II,” the most recent installment of Activision’s military franchise earning more than $1 billion, and “Batman” scribe and producer David Goyer having penned its plot, a studio could recruit its own cast of on-screen soldiers to battle the baddies for a series of sequels. Hollywood has come calling, but so far Activision isn’t in a hurry to turn any of the nine games into a film.

Gears of War
CAA is now packaging the project, which New Line put into turnaround last year, and readying to shop it around Hollywood again. Len Wiseman was once attached to adapt the game, first launched in 2006, about a muscle-bound military squad that attempt to save the human inhabitants of a planet under attack by a subterranean horde of creatures.

2K Games’ Western, which spawned a sequel last year, revolves around treasure hunters searching the desolate terrain of an alien planet and deserted mining camps for a vault of alien technology where they face creatures and violent prisoners let loose after mega-corporations leave them behind.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon
After setting up “Assassin’s Creed” and “Splinter Cell,” Ubisoft is looking to find a home for the project about an elite squad of U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers that conduct secret reconnaissance missions.

Once called “Overstrike,” the futuristic shooter from Insomniac follows four sarcastic misfit agents who use teamwork and gadgets to infiltrate enemy strongholds as they try to take down a shadowy organization. Game will be released sometime this summer.

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