The Most Popular Girls in School
Mean Girls” meets “South Park” in this trash-talking, boundary-busting high-school-set Web series, acted out by stop-motion Barbie dolls. Created by Mark Cope and Carlo Moss, and produced by Lily Vonnegut, several episodes have drawn more than a million views, and the second season is now under way:
Respected by fanboys, shocking pink-haired CBG19 produces good-looking and sometimes biting video reviews of comics, movies, books and TV shows. “Game of Thrones” fans value her opinions, and she’s already getting hosting gigs on other shows:
(From the pages of the April 9 issue of Variety.)

This Is Why I’m Broke
If SkyMall and Hammacher Schlemmer had a fanzine, it would look like this online magazine which curates unusual and silly innovative housewares and gifts. Among the most intriguing items: A $3,850 backyard theater set-up and the Cthulhu Hot Dog Roaster.


Liberace Extravaganza
Connie Furr Soloman, Jan Jewett (Harper Design)
Get ready for HBO’s “Behind the Candelabra” with this colorful tome written by two costume designers, detailing the over-the-top piano player’s bejeweled ensembles, from pink ostrich-feather capes to sequined boots, with an accent on craftsmanship.
Loren D. Estleman (Forge)
A UCLA film preservation expert is an unlikely choice for a hardboiled detective. But the third Valentino mystery whodunit is a breezy and mildly macabre mix of vintage film lore and deadly antics from a longtime writer of Westerns and mysteries.
Carrie and Me
Carol Burnett (Simon & Schuster)
The comedienne turns somber in a remembrance of her daughter, actress and singer, Carrie Hamilton, who struggled with drug addiction and died of cancer at 38. Letters and journal entries help illuminate the relatable memoir.


“Blade Runner” Soundtrack Reissue – Vangelis
Though the Greek composer’s darkly melodic score for Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic garnered BAFTA and Golden Globe noms, it wasn’t released until 1994. A new reissue ups the collectible cool factor with a transparent red vinyl pressing and plenty of film stills on the gatefold jacket. Movie dialogue samples from the likes of Harrison Ford and Daryl Hannah are mixed into the 12 tracks.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Back in the saddle after a four-year layoff, the red-blooded Gotham trio follow up the dance experiments of It’s Blitz! with a wide-ranging, playful collection.

The Beatles
“Let It Be…Naked”
The 2003 stripped-down version of the 1970 album, sans Phil Spector touches like strings, is out on iTunes with a bonus 20 minutes of in-studio chatter from the Fab Four.


Cart Life
This independently produced street-foodmerchant simulator takes a retro approach, with pixelated monochromatic graphics that lets players take on personas, from a single mom to bagel-vendor Vinny:

FTL: Faster Than Light
(Subset Games)
Try to avoid permadeath as you run a spaceship and save the galaxy by managing your crew and firing off weaponry in this addictive simulator produced by two-man Carrie and Me Chinese indie gamemaker Subset Games:

The free virtual walkie-talkie app allows users to send streaming audio, texts and photos to an individual or a group, showing potential for use on sets and in other production scenarios. A business-oriented version is also in the works.