Comedy Central creates digital studio

Cabler looks to give more weight to online offerings

Comedy Central has created its own digital studio to help ensure that its online offerings aren’t given short shrift during the development process.

Unit will be run by Allison Kingsley, who serves as the net’s VP of digital development,

Cabler has dabbled in digital-specific endeavors before, such as with Atom.com, but the new Comedy Central Studio represents a more well-rounded effort to get in on the ground floor of projects. Projects will come from a wide variety of comics who are seeking a partner to help them form ideas.

“This will provide an additional outlet and help incubate new voices as well as established talent that have passion projects,” Kingsley told Variety.

Programming topper Kent Alterman, who was recently promoted and whose added responsibilities and purview now include digital, said that in the growing world of online viewing and social media, more attention needs to be paid at the front end of projects to the benefits of digital.

“In the past, digital was an afterthought, but now people are engaging with content and talent in new ways,” he said. “We want to develop digital in an organic and multiplatform fashion.”

Projects that currently have or will have a digital presence include “Couched,” “Bro-Dependent,” “The Lucas Brothers” and “Behind Amy Schumer.”