Apple TV 6.0 Upgrade Reissued After Glitch That ‘Bricked’ Set-Tops

Previous software update, which adds iTunes Radio and other features, disabled some set-tops

Apple TV 6.0 Upgrade Reissued After

Apple has re-released the 6.0 software update for Apple TV set-tops, which the company pulled over the weekend after the initial release disabled some devices.

Apple last Friday released the update, which among other features adds the iTunes Radio streaming music service.  But it suspended the 6.0 upgrade after users reported that it disabled access to services including Netflix and Hulu — and in some cases “bricked” Apple TVs, making them completely unusable.

Apple has now made the 6.0 update available again, according to TechCrunch; the reissued code presumably fixes those issues.

In addition to the addition of iTunes Radio, the 6.0 update lets Apple TVs stream content purchased from iTunes directly from the cloud instead of pulling it from a user’s iPhone or iPad via AirPlay. Other enhancements include the ability to browse and purchase directly from the iTunes Music Store, support for playing video from iCloud photo streams, and automatic subtitle selection based on Apple TV language setting.

Apple launched iTunes Radio across other iOS devices last week with the release of the iOS 7 operating system upgrade, compatible with iPhone 4 and later smartphones and iPad 2 and later tablets.