Andy Forssell Tapped as Acting CEO of Hulu

Senior veep of content assumes role once Jason Kilar steps down at end of quarter

Andy Forssell Tapped Acting CEO of
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Hulu topper Jason Kilar is leaving the company at the end of the quarter, and in a blog post announced that Andy Forssell will step into the role of acting CEO after his departure.

Forssell is currently Hulu’s senior veep of content, and has overseen the growth of content providers for the streaming service since 2007.

Kilar stated in the blog post: “Andy exemplifies the Hulu culture and has been central to Hulu’s journey, helping to grow this company from two content partners and no revenue to over 450 content partners and approximately $700 million revenue in 2012.”

No word yet as to who will be appointed permanent CEO. Kilar mentioned that the decision will be made once Disney and News Corporation have finalized they’re plans with Hulu.

Presently, Disney, News Corp. and NBCUniversal each hold a third of the stakes in Hulu. News Corp. and Disney, however, have been in talks over whether they will sell their stakes to one another or to an outside party. The two corporations have different preferences regarding Hulu’s biz strategy, with Disney supporting an ad-supported model and News Corp. pressing for a subscription-centric approach.