The most buzzworthy products launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week weren’t fancy new TVs but Sony’s Xperia smartphones, Audi’s self-parking car app, and Microsoft’s Illumiroom.

Worldwide, 18% of all product mentions on social media sites were for the Xperia phone from Sony, which it hopes will enable the company to compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy line of handsets. The smartphone operates on Google’s Android device and features a waterproof case.

In the U.S., CES watchers were all abuzz over Audi’s Pilot Parking and Pilot Driving test vehicles that steer themselves in and out of parking spots using an iPhone app connected to the cars.

Microsoft’s Illumiroom concept broadcasts videogames beyond the TV screen, using the Kinect’s camera to map out the contours of a room before projecting elements of the game, like flames, bullets, buildings, snow and stars onto walls, furniture and other surfaces. Images vibrate to replicate motion without needing additional post-production work.

Both Audi and Microsoft tied with 10% of social media mentions in the U.S.

AddThis compiled the data and measures the sharing habits of more than 1.3 billion people a month, across more than 14 million websites and more than 300 services.

Company also found that social activity on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Reddit declined 7% in the U.S., but is up 2% worldwide during CES.

And 15% of CES attendees are more likely to use an Android device and 42% more likely to be using a Windows 8 phone, AddThis found.