CES: MasterImage brings 3D to mobile devices

Uptake of 3D small screens slow so far, however

As TV manufacturers look to promote their 3D sets, others are trying to expand the 3D business to mobile devices.

Korea’s MasterImage 3D is back at CES to pitch its autostereo tablet and smartphone screens to OEMs. This year MasterImage has improved its manufacturing and offers panels with a wider angle of view. It also has a deal in place: A pact with tablet maker Truly Industrial of China allows it to show a working autostereo tablet with 1080p resolution.

MasterImage is aiming for smaller verticals in the short term, medical, education and point of sale among them.

“For mobile, the gaming market is the easiest market,” said MasterImage 3D chairman-CEO Younghoon Lee, who noted that with Samsung’s introduction Monday of a new 3D camera, more device makers want to be able to show 3D photos on 3D mobile screens.

MasterImage, which also makes 3D projection systems for theaters, has been surprised that the uptake of 3D small screens has been so slow.

Content is also an issue for mobile, says MasterImage VP of marketing Matt Liszt. “No one’s going to start making content for mobile until they see a device that can be commercialized and a production schedule that merits it,” Liszt told Variety.

But, Liszt added, studios such as DreamWorks Animation, Sony and Disney that are already making 3D movies and making associated TV shows from the same IP “are dying for this stuff. But they know this business could kill itself if it’s not the right quality.”