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LONDON — Yahoo Movies has pacted with FindAnyFilm, the U.K. film database that connects film fans to legal download services, as well as other ways of watching pics legally.

On the Yahoo Movies site in the U.K. and Ireland when a user reads a film review, they will then be able to book tickets at a movie theater or download or stream the pic.

“Book now” and “watch now” buttons will appear on news articles and review pages across the Yahoo Movies site, enabling film fans to book tickets and watch films via official online digital services.

Yahoo Movies has also teamed up with FindAnyFilm to provide users with a list of the top five films playing in movie theaters, which will appear across all Yahoo Movies pages on the right-hand side, together with buttons enabling them to book tickets for these films quickly and easily.

Yahoo Movies has also added a new movie theater listings page, available right from the Yahoo Movies navigation bar, allowing users to find out what films are on near them.

FindAnyFilm said the deal is one of a series of partnerships that aims to “transform FindAnyFilm from a useful destination for film fans to visit to a powerful intervention tool, actively seeking them, and connecting them with where they can buy legal content.”

“These partnerships embed the FindAnyFilm database alongside film-centric content all over the Internet, ensuring that the point of purchase is just one click away from the film fan.”