‘Angry Birds Star Wars’ Races with ‘Course of the Force’ to Comic-Con

Lightsaber relay race to raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation

'Angry Birds Star Wars' Races with

Rovio Entertainment’s “Angry Birds” are ready to take flight with the “Course of the Force” lightsaber relay race to San Diego’s Comic-Con.

Company will host a week-long “Angry Birds Star Wars” tournament on Facebook during the fanboy fundraiser July 9-16, which kicks off from George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, outside San Francisco.

Choice of the game couldn’t be more appropriate given that that “Course of the Force,” backed by Lucasfilm, has indvidiausl run quarter-mile segments dressed as “Star Wars” characters carrying a special lightsaber, with proceeds raised benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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The “Angry Birds” tournaments will be played on Facebook at each “Conival” stop along the race. “Conivals” are post-race celebrations which also feature live entertainment, expo booths and giveaways featuring the “Course’s” other backers like Qualcomm, Ford Motor Co., airline Virgin America, Real D 3D, Cinemark Theaters, State Farm, Hasbro, Rubie’s Costumes and Otter Pops.

Nerdist Industries, run by Chris Hardwick and Peter Levin, produced their first “Course of the Force” race last year to kick off San Diego Comic-Con. Event’s route is managed by Octagon. Hardwick and his Nerdist team have produced a series of new “Star Wars”-themed videos to promote the race, featuring Seth Green, Michael Rooker, Jonah Ray and WWE’s CM Punk (see below).


Additional “Course of the Force” videos will be distributed via Starwars.com and hosted on Nerdist’s YouTube channel.

“‘Course of the Force’ is an awesome way to enjoy friendly competition with fellow ‘Star Wars’ fans and friends, while doing good in the world through helping grant wishes,” said Philip Hickey, Rovio’s VP of marketing. “‘Angry Birds Star Wars’ will let everybody participate in the event on Facebook through our special tournament, I’m sure the competitors are happy to continue the contest on the screen after a hard day’s run.”