Thanks to the allure of such Hollywood stars as Brad Pitt, who is the channel’s May star of the month, MBC2 has 3.7 million Facebook fans, the fourth-biggest following in the MENA region, and the first when it comes to media and TV.

It has around 700,000 Twitter followers and, two months after getting on Google Plus, 150,000 people have added the channel to their Google Circle. MBC2 recently tapped into Keek, since video sharing is popular within what is one of world’s most digital savvy populations.

But the drawback for MBC2, when it comes to marketing Hollywood content via social media, is that, under its current deals, the net doesn’t usually own the digital rights to studio pics.

The scope of what it can do is limited to provoking discussions by deploying hashtags for a given movie, such as ‘Law Abiding Citizen,’ “and then posting trivia on Twitter to provoke a discussion, or asking people questions about whether they think this character should have been played by another actor,” says MBC social media manager Fouad Masoud.

MBC2’s Hollywood celebs show Scoop With Raya, instead, caters to film fans via Twitter, soliciting questions from fans for their stars.

But significantly, while MBC2 has the biggest social-media footprint out of MBC’s bouquet of channels, the show with which MBC audiences interact with the most has nothing to do with the Western World except the format, the hugely successful “Arab Idol.”