People go on “WTF” knowing the show and know what kind of conversation they’re going to have with Marc Maron. “They get it,” he says, “and they don’t prepare too much.”

He doesn’t do a lot of prep either. That bit him in the ass recently.

“I have a part-time assistant, and she asked me, ‘Do you want to interview Kevin McDonald?’

“And I’m like yeah, I’ll interview all the Kids in the Hall. I’ve interviewed (Dave) Foley, and I should put more effort into getting them here but I said ‘Kevin McDonald would be great.’

“So she sets up this interview and Kevin McDonald is supposed to come to my house to do the interview. I thought, OK, this isn’t going to be too rough: Canada, Kids in the Hall, we have common friends, I like him.

“I’m waiting — it’s 8 in the morning because I’m in production for ‘Maron’ — and a publicist shows up. I think that’s sort of odd because publicists usually come with bigger people, and I’m thinking ‘What’s Kevin got going on?’

“And she comes in and asks, ‘Did you get to see the movie?’ I didn’t, I wasn’t given a screener. And she’s like that’s fine, and I say ‘What does he play in it?’ And she says, ‘He directed it.’ And I’m like great! Great for him. I had no idea!

“Is he nearby?”

“Yeah, he’ll be here in a few minutes.”

“Then a guy walks up to my door. I let him in and I realize that’s Kevin Macdonald. It’s not Kevin McDonald from Kids in the Hall. I have no idea — this never happened before — who this Kevin Macdonald is. None.

“So they go out on the deck and I give her a coffee and him a water. I say ‘I only need a couple of minutes.’ And I go into my garage and I Google Kevin Macdonald and the movie. He’s a Scottish director. I don’t know anything about him.

“So fortunately I had seen his movie ‘The Last King of Scotland.’ I do more on IMDb-Google to get a sense of who he is. It would be rude if I had said ‘I wasn’t expecting you!’

“So we do an interview and I felt horrible. I’m sure it’s OK but that has never happened before.  He was great — we had some common ground. But it was very bizarre.

“I emailed the other Kevin McDonald and said I think I need to interview you and release it as a double episode.

“I’m hoping to make that happen.”