Vice President Joseph Biden’s meetings on gun violence this week includes sitdowns with reps from entertainment and videogame industries on Thursday and Friday.

Among those attending are the heads of many of the industry trade associations, including Mike Gallagher from the Entertainment Software Assn.,
Gordon Smith from the National Assn. of Broadcasters and Michael Powell
from the National Cable and Telecommunications Assn., as well as reps
from the independent film community.
A spokeswoman for the MPAA said she could not confirm whether the
org’s chairman, Chris Dodd, would be attending, but Dodd was a longtime
colleague of Biden’s in the Senate and, on the day of the Connecticut
shootings, attended a vigil that included present and former lawmakers
from the state. More here. I’ve also heard from sources that reps from the Directors Guild of America, the National Assn. of Theater Owners and Comcast have been invited. Biden’s office has not yet released a list of participants.