On Wednesday, Chris Rock, Tony Bennett, Amanda Peet, Adam Scott and Anna Deavere Smithare among the famous figures who are trekking to Capitol Hill to push for new gun control legislation, according the Politico, working with a coalition of orgs that are trying to keep up the pressure on lawmakers post-Newtown.

Undoubtedly, if they are not on the National Rifle Assn.’s list of celebrities with “anti-gun policies,” they soon will be. The list, which was posted to the website of the NRA’s lobbying arm the Institute for Legislative Action in September, is surprising not for the names listed but for it’s scope. Bennett, for instance, is already on it, but he’s long been a champion of gun control and left-of-center causes. The same can probably also be said of Matt Damon, Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Douglas, Phil Donahue, Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand and Rob Reiner. But Fannie Flagg, Peter Reckell and Cathy Rigby? Who knew they were so outspoken? Peter Bonerz of “The Bob Newhart Show” is on the list, but where does the guy who played Mr. Carlin stand?

Some of the figures on the list, like Jill Clayburgh, passed away several years ago, while all of The Temptations are listed, which could account for more than a half-century of opinion from the two dozen or so who have been members of the legendary group.

Actually, the list is revealing in that it shows the lengths to which the NRA is monitoring what it said about them, or about guns in general. Some journalists who are on the list are treating it like a badge of honor, the way that many treated their listing on President Richard Nixon’s “enemies list,” although that usually came with a suspiciously coincidental IRS audit.

The intent of the list appears to be to show that show biz, the media and elite institutions are stacked up against the NRA. You can’t help but wonder, though, whether the listing of so many names, from Jane Fonda to Sylvester Stallone, actually has the opposite effect, to show that on gun policy, a number of Hollywood figures who’ve diverged so often on their political views find themselves in agreement on the need for action on guns.

The complete list is below: